CGeomap has a journey of more than a decade with the experience and combined practice of groundbreaking pioneers and leading experts in this 21st century technology, delving deep into the creative potentials of Locative Media. CGeomap is a resilient, stable and proven platform, and is used by visual artists, sound designers, media makers, musicians, writers, poets, journalists, historians, policy makers, social workers, ecologists, by municipalities, (smart) cities, nature organizations, cultural institutions, museums, schools, libraries and universities ( see projects map ). CGeomap offers online courses and workshops on the measure of your project, both for beginners and for advanced creators, featured on our website Supercluster.eu.

CGeomap is free for the end user, but it has a cost for the creator. Each project is custom designed based on your requirements, check the resources page. Pricing and plans are available for individual and small projects up to globally and complex initiatives. Ask for a demo if you want to know more or participate in one of our regular online locative media games and advanced courses in partnership with Supercluster.eu.

We customize the design, colors and graphics of the interface according to the visuals of your individual project.

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Collaborative Locative Media

mobile / desktop

CGeomap is an easy editor and a simple to use web app, autoplaying audiovisual content via the GPS of your mobile device or with QR codes, and as well on a desktop digital map.

Locative Time Media 2.0

We introduce the next generation of creating and experiencing locative media, with cutting edge web technology. CGeomap permits you, individually or in a group of editors, to publish and share your media contents with QR code and GPS geolocation, indoors and outdoors in time and space based storytelling.